Virtual Synthesis for the Real World

Sonic Fingerprints

Sonic Fingerprints are the distillation of an audio signal: encompassing multiple Spectral Grains across multiple Frame Rates. These provide a basis for Granular Resynthesis, a selection of frequencies and amplitudes to build new sounds and textures.

Sonic Fingerprints contain 9 levels of resynthesis data for 32 voices, broken into Spectral Grains. It is this information that is used to help resynthesize an audio signal.


Caillou is the first module built to make use of Sonic Fingerprints. It provides 32 voices of Granular Resynthesis. It is available as part of Synthetic.

Free Stuff

We are pleased to offer you a curated collection of royalty free Sonic Fingerprints for you to use in your creations.

Drum Loop Collection

Paddington Collection

9 Paddington Voices re-distilled into Sonic Fingerprints.

Accoustic Guitar Strums

These 110 BPM loops were distilled from accoustic guitar strumming, which provides for a ton of harmonics that really show through as Sonic Fingerprints.